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HubSpot's New Advanced Video Module - hsVideoApi

Hello! I'm sorry this sad, unformatted blog post is all you find when you search for, "hsVideoAPI" - I spent a little bit too long looking for information about hsVideoApi when I needed to build an auto-playing video modal, so I tried to pull together all of the resources I found into this post to make life a little easier.

Here's a post on the HubSpot community forum requesting documentation for this tool. Please go upvote it! 

Update December 12th, 2023:

It looks like HubSpot's refactored this code without providing any documentation, and the ability to post a message to a player appears to be modified/removed. 

On the plus side,

hsVideoApi.getPlayer('- video id here -');

appears to return the video instance now, so when they give us back the ability to play a video on modal open, you don't need to select your video form the getPlayers array.


Here's an attempt to dissect the source code for this new API, as of January 29th, 2022:

HubSpot's new video embeds load the thumb in the page, then hide it in favor of an iFrame containing the thumbnail, video and their new video analytics. To play/pause the video, you can use hsVideoApi to manipulate the iframe. 

Some guidelines that may or may not be valid:
  1. Use Window.onLoad vs document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded')
  2. HubSpot automagically pauses other videos when you play a video
Functions that appear to be built in to hsVideoApi:

getPlayer: ƒ w(e)
getPlayers: ()=>Le(v())
pauseAllPlayers: ƒ _()
registerPlayer: ƒ d(...e)
renderPlayer: ƒ m(e,t)
updatePlayer: ƒ g(e,t)

As far as I can tell, getPlayer() doesn't do anything useful yet - I would guess that HubSpot will eventually allow you to do something like, hsVideoApi.getPlayer(''); but it doesn't look like that functionality is enabled yet. 

Get a video with a particular parent element:

var allVideoPlayers = window.hsVideoApi.getPlayers();

function returnVideoUsingParent ( allVideos, parentClassString ) {
  let video
  allVideos.forEach((el) => {
    if (el.iframeEl.closest(parentClassString) != null) {
      video = el
  return video

returnVideoUsingParent(allVideoPlayers, "[PUT YOUR PARENT CLASS HERE]")

Play a video:


function playVideo ( video ) {
  video.postMessageToPlayer("SET_PLAYER_STATUS", {
    status: "PLAYING"



Pause a video:

function pauseVideo ( video ) {
  video.postMessageToPlayer("SET_PLAYER_STATUS", {
    status: "PAUSED"


Give Stuart some love on the dev slack for figuring this out for us




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